The other day I clicked on a cute looking video being promoted on the YouTube homepage. Not just because of the cute cartoon cat (who turns out to be named Pinky) that looked like it was giving a newscast, but because it was titled Thomas Edison hates cats. How can you not be curious about something like that?

Cute with a pinch of humor combined to make a fairly serious sort of public service announcement. It turns out they’ve made a number of them, including one on schools. Based around excerpts from Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society, this one is about a recurring nightmare Pinky has about schools. I haven’t read Deschooling Society yet, but after watching this I’m going to order it tonight. It’s concerned with much the same issues that inspired us to organize EduCamp.

The pupil is thereby schooled to confuse teaching with learning,
schooled to confuse grade advancement with education,
schooled to confuse a diploma with competence.