Today our education focuses more on teaching than learning. While that may not be ideal, it makes it clear that the most important asset of today’s system are the teachers. A good teacher could make a difficult subject easier, a boring class interesting, and sometimes even make you forget you’re in school. The best teachers would teach you things you remember for life that for some reason didn’t have anything to do with what class they taught.

I think the significance of teachers is mostly forgotten or ignored. I have a theory that in the back of their minds, most people already know that most of school is a shallow institution of proving how smart you are as opposed to a resource for learning. And this is why we don’t value teachers as much as we should.

Still, we entrust our kids to teachers for the majority of their most pliable and influential years. Having a great teacher can have a profound effect on who you become as an adult. Nobody I know has said this better than Taylor Mali…