There are an increasing number of schools, though still not all that many, that are based on the idea of democracy. In a country so enamored with democracy that we feel the need to impose it onto others, you would think there would be more schools built around this great thing. Sudbury Valley School founder Daniel Greenberg is one of the few that believes strongly enough in democratic education that he did just that.

He poses a good question. How can you expect a kid to know what democracy is when for 12 years or more they’re raised in an autocratic, fascist society?

The Sudbury democratic school has been used as the model for 40 other schools around the world. One of them, Fairhaven School of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, was featured in a documentary called Voices from the New American Schoolhouse. The trailer gives a glimpse at what the Sudbury model is like from the perspective of the kids attending.